Superintendent of Schools

Tammy Muerhoff, Superintendent

Regional Office of Education Website

The Regional Superintendent of Schools is the chief administrative officer of the Regional Office of Education, and the only elected education professional in Illinois. As the primary provider of intermediate educational services between the local school districts and the Illinois State Board of Education, the Regional Superintendent is charged by the Illinois School Code with responsibilities of:

  • Providing assurances to the public that schools comply with state laws, rules and regulations
  • Maintaining accurate records for internal and public inspection
  • Improving the quality of education in the region

The duties of the Regional Superintendent include, but are not limited to:

  • Advise in all controversies arising under the school law
  • Disburse state and federal funds to eligible school districts
  • Provide initial and yearly training for bus drivers
  • Assist the Regional Board of School Trustees in the adjudication of petitions for change of school district boundaries
  • Conduct hearings for formation of unit school districts and consolidation of existing districts
  • Appoint local school board members to vacancies when the remaining members are unable to do so
  • Provide assistance and services to non-public schools, including home schools
  • Labor to elevate the standard of teaching and improve the condition of the schools of the region
  • Provide maps of school districts and keep such maps current as boundaries change
  • Distribute/collect all reports for school districts to the State Board of Education
  • Store records of closed school buildings

For more information about the Regional Superintendent and the Regional Office of Education please visit the Regional Office of Education website.