Property owners consider building a pond for many reasons: for fish rearing, as a swimming area, as a source of water for livestock or irrigation, or as an aesthetic feature. Depending on the proposed location, adjacent water features and size, a permit may be required from the Illinois Department of Neutral Resources (IDNR) or the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA) prior to starting pond construction. Rock Island County has our Stormwater Ordinance that regulates pond construction. The State permitting process ensures that potential negative impacts to wetlands, lakes, streams and other natural features are avoided and minimized as much as possible when constructing a pond. Design considerations to avoid adverse environmental impacts should include placing any spoils outside of wetlands or floodplains; locating the pond away from wetlands, lakes, and streams; and not connecting the pond to existing lakes or streams.

Constructing a pond or lake is a land disturbing activity. This does require a Grading and Drainage Permit. 

Pond management is more difficult than most people realize. Many enthusiastic beginners believe they can put up a dam, wait for it to fill, throw in some fish, wait a couple of years and then fish happily ever after. As the "veteran" pond owner knows, this is not the case. Proper pond management takes diligence, work, expertise and money. IDNR was some tips for private pond owners and aquatic management.