What Is My Property Zoned?

Our office only has zoning information for properties in unincorporated Rock Island County (not within a city or village) and the Village of Hillsdale. A Zoning Map (PDF) is available in 11-inch-by-17-inch PDF format on our downloads page. You can also use the the GIS mapping site to identify individual parcels zoning class.  When you click on a property, in the information box that pops up, it will list zoning class and the the proper jurisdiction. 

Any questions about what you can use your property for or if can you split your property should be emailed to the Zoning Investigator. This depends on the consistency with the Rock Island County Comprehensive Land Use Plan and Map. The minimum lot size varies all throughout the county ranging from 20,000 square feet and in some outlying areas it requires a minimum lot size of 40 acres to build a residence. Business, Commercial and Industrial uses are specifically identified.