Best Management Practices

The Stormwater Control Ordinance allows only clean stormwater to be discharged from your site. Sediment, fertilizers, yard waste, metals, gravel, and all other pollutants cannot be released from your site. Below are some control measures with links to web pages with possible best management practices (BMPs) that you may want to use at your site. Please note there are many manufacturers out there, you are responsible for evaluating these products and choosing the ones you want to use. Please contact the manufacturers to see if their product will work for your site. If you would like to add your company to this page, email the Zoning and Building Department.

Properties, waters (creeks, streams, wetlands, etc), drainage channels and ditches adjacent to the site shall be protected from deposit of sediment. This may be accomplished through the preservation of a well vegetated buffer strip around the lower perimeter of the land disturbance, by installing perimeter controls such as sediment barriers or sediment basins or dikes, or any combination of such measures. Here are some examples:

  • Brush Barrier
  • Compost Filter Socks
    • Siltsoxx (go to the products page then select the siltsoxx)
  • Fibre Rolls (Coir and Straw Wattles)
    • Coir Fiber Biologs
    • Nilex - SedimentSTOP and Wattles
    • Rolanka International's BioD-Watl
    • Venture Fibre Company
      Phone: 1-888-VFC-COIR
  • Silt Checks/Dikes, Tubes
    • BioD SiltCheck
    • Kristar rice straw wattles, slopegard 1, 2 and 3
    • SedimentSTOP
    • TerraTubes