Document Information

Information which may be obtained by phone from the Recorder's Office:

  • Filed Corporation Papers in Rock Island County
  • Filed Soldier's Discharge papers

Information requests not available by phone:

  • Property ownership information
  • Property sale prices
  • Liens of any kind (or related releases)
  • Easements
  • Lot sizes
  • Legal descriptions

Information may be obtained by:

  • Coming into the office in person
  • Sending a request by mail
  • Submitting a request by fax

When requesting information by mail:

  • Please enclose $5 for each copy requested.
  • There is no fee for information not requiring copies.
  • All requests for legal descriptions must by accompanied by $5 to cover the cost of a copy of the latest deed.

When requesting information by fax:

  • Fax Number: 309-558-3642
  • If a reply is requested by fax, a $3 faxing fee and $1 for each page of copy will be charged. This must be paid in advance.

State-Mandated Standardization of Documents

Effective January 1, 1995

In order to conform to state statute, your document must meet the following criteria:

  • Document must be on 8.5-inch-by-11-inch white paper
  • Have a blank 3-inch-by-5-inch space in the upper right corner of front page.
  • Nothing is to be stapled or taped to the document, (i.e., legal description, notary, etc.)
  • Minimum 10-point type/font

Each document submitted for recording must state:

  • Prepared By: (with name and address of preparer)
  • Return To: (name and address of person document is to be returned to)

Deeds must also include: 

  • Grantee's Address
  • Mail Tax Bill To information