Zoning Districts

The entire Zoning resolution with a full explanation of all zoning districts is available on our downloads page. Here are some brief descriptions of our Zoning Districts:

  • Agricultural - Rock island County has two AG zoning districts; AG-1, Agricultural Preservation District and AG-2, General Agricultural District. The districts are intended to permit a range of uses related to agriculture, to encourage preservation of large blocks of farmland, and to permanently protect development the tracts of and which remain after permitted residential development has occurred. AG-1 is a minimum 40-acre lot size and AG-2 is a minimum 15-acre lot size.
  • Business - Rock Island County has 4 Business Districts ranging from Neighborhood to Highway Intensive Districts. Almost all businesses you can think of are allowed somewhere in one of these districts. These districts do not generally allow exterior storage.
  • Conservation - The C-1 and C-2 districts are intended to provide for the conservation and preservation of wetlands, marshes, swamps, scenic areas, wildlife protection, etc.
  • Industrial - Industrial districts are intended to provide for the development of small- to large-scale industry with regulations designed to protect adjacent properties. An example of an industrial-zoned property would be the nuclear plant in Cordova.
  • Office - The O-1 and ORT districts are designed to be a transitional use of land between commercial and residential uses.
  • Planned Unit Development (PUD) - The PUD district is intended to provide for a development incorporating a single type or a variety of related uses which are planned and developed as a unit but departs from the normal standards and requirements of other sections of the Zoning resolution. A PUD may also provide other amenities not otherwise required by law and may establish facilities and open space greater than the minimums required by law.
  • Residential - Rock Island County has 7 R districts, which range from single-family dwelling districts to multi-family residence districts. Lot sizes are generally very small, the largest being 20,000 square feet in the R-1 district. R-7 is a Mobile/Manufactured Housing District. The zoning resolution does not allow multi-family districts unless a central or municipal sewerage system is available to the property.
  • Suburban Estates (SE) - Rock Island County has two SE zoning districts; SE-1, Suburban Estates Low-Density District and SE-2, Suburban Estates Medium Density District. These Districts are established s to provide for single-family detached housing opportunities in a rural-to-urban transitional setting at a medium to low-density level and to preserve open space and natural features. These districts were intended to provide a natural buffer area between Agricultural areas and High-Density Residential areas. SE-1 is a minimum 5-acre lot size and SE-2 is a minimum 1-acre lot size. The main difference is SE-2 does not allow farm animals.
  • University/College - This district is established to provide an area for colleges, universities, seminaries, and other such institutions of higher education. The Intent of the district is to establish an area in which institutions of higher education may operate compatibly with surrounding residential and business areas.