Sheriff's Office

The Rock Island County Sheriff's Office handles 40,000 calls each year for services and warrants. The Rock Island County Correctional Center has an annual jail population of over 10,000 inmates. The Correctional Center houses inmates locally and for Federal agencies and neighboring communities. The Rock Island County Correctional Center was completed in 1986 and the Correctional Center Annex and Criminal Justice Center were completed in 2001. Both of these buildings were state-of-the-art facilities. The buildings include intercom systems, closed circuit television monitors, court scheduling monitors, lighting controls, courtroom electronics, etc., The security systems in both buildings are integrated under one central system. The correctional center provides a Central Booking System for all arrestees in Rock Island County. The Correctional Center staff utilizes an inkless, digitized fingerprint system and a computerized mug shot system.

Tours of the facility for school-age children are allowed. Tours of the facility can be arranged by contacting the Correctional Center at 309-558-3432.

The Rock Island County Sheriff's Office is a Community Policing agency. The Sheriff assigns school resource officers at 3 of our area high schools: Rockridge, Sherrard and Riverdale.

The Sheriff assigns officers to maintain and work with our senior citizens.

The Rock Island County Sheriff's Office has also partnered with Metro-Link to provide full-time police protection on the Rock Island County Mass Transit System.

The Sheriff's Office provides many more services to the citizens of Rock Island County - Water Rescue Unit, Canine Officers and Bomb Squad.

The Sheriff has assigned officers to work with the Metropolitan Drug Task Force, Rock Island County Gang Task Force, and all local and state tactical teams.

Please check the Sheriff's Office links for more specific information regarding the various programs and services the Sheriff's Office provides.

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