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We have defined Day Care with two levels. A Day Care Center is defined by the Rock Island County Code of Ordinances as "A child care facility which regularly provides day care for less than twenty-four hours per day for (a) more than 8 children in a family dwelling unit, or (b) more than three children in a facility other than a family dwelling unit. Day Care Centers are allowed in Business Districts.

A Day Care Home is defined by the Rock Island County Code of Ordinances as "A family dwelling unit occupied by attending family which receives more than three and up to a maximum of eight children for less than twenty-four hours a day. The maximum of eight children includes the family's natural or adopted children and all other person under the age of twelve. A Day Care Home may also be a family home which receives adults who are sixty years of age or older."

Day Care Homes have become very popular as the economy has changed. Day Care Homes are exactly what it sounds like - daycare in a home instead of a center. This arrangement has been around as long as parents have had neighbors and friends nearby to help care for their kids. Today it's a way for many parents who prefer to stay at home and who truly enjoy taking care of children to do work they love and contribute to the family finances at the same time. Illinois has approximately 8,000 licensed day care homes - almost three times the number of licensed day care centers. Day Care Homes often appeal to parents who want to keep their child in a warm, friendly, homelike environment but can't afford a nanny and can't or don't want to use a relative. Rock Island County has laws to manage and restrict how home day cares operate.

Zoning laws require home day care operators to follow specific rules regulations, including some that apply only to home day cares. These laws are designed to address the unique circumstances of a business operating in a residential or rural area. The laws seek to minimize the negative impact on the community, which can be affected by increased vehicle traffic and neighborhood noise. Some regulate how properties are altered, including the addition of business signage and the construction of fencing and playground equipment. Zoning laws also provide special requirements designed to address special circumstances related to these businesses. There are also building code issues to consider. The Illinios Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) also regulates home day care in Illinois. Zoning approval from our office is required to obtain a license.

A Special Use Permit is required if you meet the description of a Day Care Home. Day Care Homes are allowed in AG-1, AG-2, SE-1, SE-2 and R-1. To obtain a special use permit please consult with the Zoning Department. A public hearing in front of the Zoning Board of Appeals is required. The board will hear testimony from all objectors, listen to concerns, and make a recommendation to the county board to either approve or deny the application.

If granted, the permit is reviewable and must be renewed yearly for $40. If a dispute should arise concerning interpretation herein, a hearing shall be scheduled before the Zoning Board of Appeals and they shall make the final interpretation.