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Online Court Payments

For electronic payments on criminal and traffic cases, you may use the Judici links.

Judici - E-Pay / E-Plea - Make Payments on a Case

  • Judici E-Plea allows users to plead guilty and pay the fine for most minor traffic and conservation offenses which do not require a court appearance, as indicated on the ticket. View the list of fees associated with the transaction.
  • Judici E-Pay allows users to make payments on closed cases with an outstanding balance. There is a flat fee of $5.00 per case to plead guilty.

Other Payment MethodsPayment Options


When using the Courtmoney Call Center, they will require a form number. Use form #158404 for information Requests and #158403 for Child Support Administrative fees.

There is a $3.50 fee plus the handling fee above for calling and speaking with an agent to make a credit card payment. Also, the handling fees assessed are collected and kept by Courtmoney and not directed to the court.

Cases sent to Collections

If your case(s) are delinquent, you may be referred to a collection agency. Accounts placed with a collection agency will have at least 30% added to the amount due per Illinois Public Act 93-0693. Additionally, the statute mandates the violator will bear all third-party collection fees caused by the violators failure to meet his or her obligation to the court. Once a case is referred to collections, you must make your payments through that agency, not at the court.

Please visit PayCourt for additional details about your account or available payment methods. They will be happy to address any questions you may have.

While visiting the collection agency’s webpage, you will be prompted to enter your information to access your case. The account number is not the courts case number and is not needed to locate your case information. Continue entering your current zip code, which is not necessarily the same zip code at the time of your court case was initiated or when you received the citation.

Disclaimer: Circuit Court Clerk staff are prohibited from providing legal advice.