Rock Island County Circuit Clerk SealThank you for your interest in becoming a volunteer mediator for the Rock Island County Eviction Diversion program. This training will qualify you to serve as a mediator in the Rock Island County Eviction Diversion Program. In this training you will learn about the Eviction Diversion Program, the basic concepts of the eviction process, and the basics of mediation to assist you in serving as a mediator.

You will find below the materials from the training, as well as our script for the mediation video (though, again, Bill did a bit of improvisation when we recorded). Please note, the program has changed slightly since this program was originally recorded. The process is as follows for mediation:

  1. At the first appearance the Judge will assign the case to mediation and the parties’ information is gathered at court.
  2. A mediator from the volunteer list is contacted and provided the parties information.
  3. The mediator then contacts the parties to schedule the mediation in the next two weeks.
  4. The mediator conducts the mediation.
  5. The mediator reports to the court the results of the mediation in the form provided by the court when the case is initially assigned.
  6. The case then proceeds in court as appropriate based on the outcome of mediation.

Access Zoom and the training video

Once you have completed the training video, please email Vicki and email Dawn to let them know your interest in helping out and they will add you to the volunteer list.

Thank you again! This program’s success is dependent on volunteers; so, we truly appreciate your time and efforts!

If you are an Illinois attorney and want to apply for credit, while we are not seeking credit, you may do so through the Minimum Continuing Legal Education (MCLE) Board.

Disclaimer: Circuit Court Clerk staff are prohibited from providing legal advice.