Pet Registrations

All cats and dogs that are four (4) months or age or older are required by law to be registered with Rock Island County. If you acquire a pet that is over four (4) months of age or if you recently moved to Rock Island County, it is your responsibility to make sure that the pet is registered in Rock Island County.

In order to register your pet, a valid rabies certificate must be presented. All animals must be registered within thirty (30) days of their rabies vaccine. All registrations not obtained within thirty (30) days of vaccination/renewals are subject to a $5.00 late fee.

You may register your pet in person or by phone. Rabies vaccines may be obtained at our low-cost veterinarian clinic.

Registration Reminder Cards:

If you have received a reminder card and have obtained your pets registration tag from a Rock Island County veterinarian, please allow two (2) - three (3) weeks for your registration information to be processed into our system.

If your animal is deceased, please notify us by postal mail.   Please provide your name and address along with your pet's name.

Updating Registration Information:

If any information you provided at the time of your pet's registration changes, contact the Rock Island County Animal Care and Control in person or call (309) 558-DOGS (3647) to update the information.