Special Thanks

There are many special people who put in time for the animals that may appear to go unnoticed, but it's the small things that can sometimes make the difference. So, here is a thank you to everyone who does the every day things, who keeps track of the details, and those who stop by to fondle a furry ear and to remind a dog or cat they're still loved, even if they haven't found a family of their own yet. 

These are some of the people and businesses to whom we and the animals owe our gratitude - here's our chance to say "Thank you for your life-saving contributions!"  

Planning Partners:

Many thanks to the Rock Island County Board and the cities of East Moline, Moline and Rock Island for their diligence, foresight and commitment in the planning and construction of one (1) joint facility.  

Our Donors:

For the selfless donation of tax-deductible gifts and funds. Those of you who consistently make contributions to the shelter and sponsor our animals on a regular basis - you keep our shelter running.

Special Acknowledgements:

Back Street Graphics, Inc
East Moline, IL
Donated time, skills, and materials to create wall graphics
in the main reception area.
Thank You!

IL-CleanEnergyLogoThe Clean Energy Community Foundation
Chicago IL

Thank you so much for your financial support!

Moline Foundation-logoThe Moline Foundation
Moline IL

Thank you so much for your financial support!

Families Who've Adopted:

To all the people who've adopted from us in the past... we love to hear from you, and homes for our animals is what makes this all worth while.         

Our Foster Parents:

To all of our foster parents (you know who you are) and we'd hate to leave any of you unmentioned. A huge thank you! You're a crucial part of placing so many of our animals.           

Our Employees and Volunteers:

Last, but not least, our dedicated employees and select volunteers who keep our shelter running on a day to day basis - a huge thank you! We have a special group, and each and every one of you are important! THANK YOU!                 

You Have Made a Difference!!