LendAHandThe Rock Island County Animal Care & Control shelter is committed to providing the best possible care for animals under our responsibility while we provide quality and timely service to the residents of our communities.

In order to help achieve this level of commitment, it is imperative that we utilize the support of volunteers. We recognize and acknowledge the value volunteers provide and encourage their continued support. 

Volunteers are vital to the success of the shelter’s operations and directly impact the lives of our shelter animals.

Volunteer Guide:

Basic guidelines and rules that volunteers follow, helps maintain the level of professionalism expected in the services that we provide. 

  • Represent the shelter in a positive aspect.
  • Be professional, courteous and polite to the public.
  • Answer only questions in subject matter where you have been trained or instructed.
  • Never engage in a debate or argument with clients, philosophical beliefs differ.
  • Treat animals with respect and kindness, your spirit can make or break them.
  • Focus on helping employees and animals, not hindering them.
  • Express concerns with a designated volunteer coordinator or shelter management.
  • Understand the areas of the building; restricted and public areas.

Remember, as a volunteer you act in theory as an un-paid employee and represent the shelter and its integrity. Representing the shelter in a positive aspect serves to help the animals. Representing the shelter in a negative aspects only hurts the animals. Volunteers who abuse stated guidelines, willfully or maliciously take actions that are detrimental to the overall welfare of the shelter and its animals, will not be permitted to continue volunteering.

Always use caution with an animal and ensure you are confident and trained in what you are doing. If you are uncomfortable in any way, express this to a staff member. Animals sense fear - don’t increase your risk of getting injured or bit. 

Your support is appreciated by our staff and, more importantly, the animals for which you help care for, thank you. 

What Can A Volunteer Do To Help?


  • Enter data for registrations - (all day)
  • Help answer phones - (all day)
  • Contact rescue groups for transfers - (all day)
  • Data entry for rescue groups (enter and maintain) - (all day)
  • Coordinate volunteers (schedule/maintain/arrange) - (all day)


  • socialize dogs - (all day)
  • Bathe dogs - (all day)
  • Help feed & clean out dog runs/kennels - (mornings)
  • Socialize cats - (all day)
  • clean out cats cages - (mornings)
  • Contact rescue groups for transfers - (all day)
  • Foster (kittens - bottle feed socialize) - (6-8 weeks per litter)
  • Off-site adoptions - (Saturday and Sunday)
  • Take pictures/coordinate with petfinder.com - (all day)


  • Coordinate and plan - (all day)
  • Humane education/awareness (schools or groups) - (as scheduled)
  • Nursing home visits - (as scheduled)


  • Assist with clinical procedures - (Wed. afternoons)
  • Assist with surgical procedures (trained) - (Thursdays)
  • Microchip clinics for various events - (as scheduled)


  • Laundry - (All Day)
  • Daily cleaning, mopping, dusting - (all day)
  • Maintenance, grounds, building, repair - (all day)


For more information about volunteering you can call (309) 558-3647.