The Rezoning Process

Rezoning applications are made at the Office of Zoning and Building Safety.

  1. Application
    An application for a map amendment, or more commonly known as a rezoning, shall be filed with the Zoning Officer accompanied by the necessary information (surveys, legal descriptions, power of attorney, etc) as may be required. Such application shall be forwarded to the Zoning Board Of Appeals with the request to hold a public hearing on said application for amendment. An application to rezone property must be signed by the property owner(s). Applications are available at the Zoning And Building office, in most cases the office staff will fill out the application.
  2. Zoning Staff Review
    Following submittal of a completed application to rezone property, Zoning Staff reviews the request for compliance with the criteria of the Rock Island County Land Use Policies and prepares a staff report for the Zoning Board of Appeals. The Township Supervisor, Township Road Commissioner and County Board Member are notified of the request, as well as the Clerk of any City or Village located within 1.5 miles of the area to be rezoned. In cooperation with the Soil and Water Conservations District Rock Island County has created a Land Evaluation and Site Assessment (LESA) review process to help preserve prime farm ground. When application is made of a Property Zoned AG-1 or AG-2, office staff requests a LESA review. All written comments are forwarded with the Zoning staff report to the Zoning Board of Appeals at the public hearing.
  3. Public Hearing - Zoning Board of Appeals
    All adjoining property owners are notified of the location, time and date of the public hearing at least 15 days in advance. A notice is published in the local newspaper. The Zoning Board of Appeals is a quasi-judicial board created by the Rock Island County Board. As a Board of the County, they welcome all testimony. They make our decisions based on the facts and evidence allowed under County Code, presented in open meeting. Testimony before the board must be given under oath. Any person may submit comments or testify at the public hearing. We also supply a Guide to the Zoning Board of Appeals (PDF). After the public hearing, the Zoning Board of Appeals will make a recommendation to approve, disapprove, or modify to the Rock Island County Board.
  4. Public Hearing - Public Works And Facilities Committee
    No new testimony may be introduced at this hearing and is not open to discussion from the general public. This committee will review the Finding of Facts and Recommendation from the Zoning Board of Appeals and votes to approve the recommendation.
  5. Public Hearing - Rock Island County Board
    No new testimony may be introduced at this hearing (relating to the zoning cases) and is not open to discussion from the general public. The County Board reviews the Resolution prepared and approved by the Public Works committee.