County Board


  • 5:30 pm
  • 3rd Tuesday of every month (unless otherwise indicated)
  • County Board Room
    1504 3rd Avenue
    Third floor
    Rock Island, IL

All meetings are open to the public but may be closed to the public in the event of discussion of certain items as defined in the Open Meetings Act.

Agendas & Minutes

Agendas are available prior to the meetings. Minutes are available following approval.

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Democrat (D), Republican (R).

brunk2023County Board Chairman
Richard H. "Quijas" Brunk (D)
The Chairman facilitates the operations of the county board and serves as the chief elected official for county government.
(309) 558 3605
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  1. Richard Morthland Headshot

    Richard Morthland (R)

    Member - District 1

  1. Melissa Baker Headshot

    Melissa M. Baker (D)

    Member - District 2

  1. Larry Burns Headshot

    Larry Burns (D)

    Member - District 3

  1. Luis Moreno Headshot

    Luis S. Moreno (D)

    Member - District 4

  1. Brian Vyncke Headshot

    Brian D. Vyncke (D)

    Member - District 5 - Vice-Chairman

  1. Porter McNeil Headshot

    Porter McNeil (D)

    Member - District 6

  1. Carla Enburg Headshot

    Carla Enburg (D)

    Member - District 7

  1. Drue Mielke Headshot

    Drue Mielke (R)

    Member - District 8

  1. David Adams Headshot

    David Adams (D)

    Member - District 9

  1. Richard Brunk Headshot

    Richard H. "Quijas" Brunk (D)

    Member - District 10 - County Board Chairman

  1. Timothy Foster Headshot

    Timothy A. Foster (D)

    Member - District 11

  1. Edna Sowards Headshot

    Edna Sowards (D)

    Member - District 12

  1. Bob Perkins Headshot

    Bob Perkins (D)

    Member - District 13

  1. Enyo Dewith Headshot

    Enyo Dewith (D)

    Member - District 14

  1. Kai Swanson Headshot

    Kai S. Swanson (D)

    Member - District 15

  1. Rodney Simmer Headshot

    Rodney K. Simmer (R)

    Member - District 16

  1. Johnnie Woods Headshot

    Johnnie M. Woods (D)

    Member - District 17

  1. Chuck Layer Headshot

    Chuck Layer (D)

    Member - District 18

  1. Robert Westpfahl Headshot

    J. Robert Westpfahl (R)

    Member - District 19

Public Comment

Each regular meeting of the Rock Island County Board and its various committees (both standing and special) includes a public comment period in which any citizen of Rock Island County may make a statement regarding an item on that days agenda for the committee’s action. A total of 10 speakers will be allowed at each session for a period not to exceed 30 minutes in length. View the complete policy and a sample form (PDF). The forms are available beginning 20 minutes prior to the meeting’s posted starting time and must be completed and turned in no later than 5 minutes before the posted start of the meeting to which comment is to be made.

“Priority status shall be given to speakers whose topics are directly related to the current meeting agenda”.


The County Board operates on the committee system. Items concerning county government are discussed in depth by standing and special committees, which then may refer the items to the Board with recommendations for passage or denial. The committees report their activities to the full board each month. The Committees are appointed by the County Board Chairman.