Rock Island County Clerk Karen Kinney wants to help residents trace their family trees by providing searchable indexes of genealogical birth, marriage, and death records online for free. The County Clerk's Office has been keeping these records for over 185 years! The search below will help you find the index information for any full record that might exist in the County Clerk's office.

The information contained in these records is quite revealing about our past. Such information included on full records includes occupations, residences, cause of death, spouses, bride's and groom's parents, burials, and more. And you can now gain access with just a few keystrokes and clicks below! All physical copies of birth, marriage, and death records have been scanned, and preserved in special acid-free envelopes to prevent deterioration.

The County Clerk's office offers $5 "genealogical copy" records that are without certification and printed on regular white paper, rather than charge the full $15 for certified copies. Download the purchase application (PDF) for a "genealogical copy" ($5 per record).

Available Genealogical Information (no information is guaranteed):

Birth Certificates

101,541 records available for genealogy through 1948 (back 75 years) 

Marriage Certificates

112,746 records available for genealogy through 1973 (back 50 years)

  • 1832 to 1883: bride and groom names, date of marriage.
  • 1883 to present: bride and groom names, occupations, residence, and their parents.
  • SEARCH Marriage Certificates from 1923 through 1973

            A through G               H through O               P through Z

Death Certificates

140,438 records available for genealogy through 2003 (back 20 years)

  • 1878 to 1903: name, cause of death, dates of birth and death, age, burial.
  • 1903 to 1910: long form includes name, cause of death, dates of birth and death, age, burial
  • 1910 to present: includes long-form information, as well as parents/spouse names.
  • SEARCH Death Certificates from 1910 through 2003

           A through G                H through O              P through Z

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