Bike & Pedestrian Trails

Walking TrailBiking, hiking, jogging and rollerblading are popular activities enjoyed by millions throughout the country. Rock Island County is crisscrossed by a number of national bike and pedestrian trails, adding to the quality of life for residents and visitors. Numerous communities, both large and small, are conveniently located along the trails which offer a variety of restaurants, shops and historic sites. And don't forget a camera. Scenic vistas, native wildlife and historic sites along each trail present hundreds of photo opportunities.

American Discovery Trail

A planned multi-purpose recreational transportation corridor that conceptually extends from California to Delaware. The trail gives local users the opportunity to ride or walk a trail of national significance. The American Discovery Trail travels north from Muscatine, Iowa along the Great River Trail from Buffalo to Davenport, Iowa. At the Arsenal Island, the American Discovery Trail crosses the Mississippi River into Rock Island County to the Illinois Great River Trail. It continues into Illinois to the Hennepin Canal State Parkway via East Moline, Silvis, Carbon Cliff and Colona. It leaves the Quad Cities from Colona along the Hennepin Canal east 75 miles to Ottawa. See more information on the American Discovery Trail.

The Great River Trail

Great River TrailA 62-mile Mississippi River experience from Rock Island's Sunset Marina to Savanna, Illinois. Always in sight or sound of the mighty waterway, it is a biking, hiking or jogging event which will pull you back time and time again. The Great River Trail is one of the many partners making up the 475 miles Grand Illinois Trail. This lengthy trail from the shores of the Mississippi to the beaches of Lake Michigan loops around Northern Illinois and offers outstanding vistas of both metropolitan and rural settings. In Rock Island County, the trail passes by such sites as the Rock Island Arsenal, the Quad City Botanical Center, Sylvan Island and The Mark of the Quad Cities.

The Great River Road

Parallels the Mississippi River from its source in Minnesota to the Gulf of Mexico. Over 3000 miles of federal, state and county roads make up the Great River Road and meander through woodlands, farmlands and river towns, north-south through the heart of our vast country. The Great River Road in Illinois was designated a federal Scenic Byway in the year 2000. The Illinois portion of the byway follows Route 84 and Illinois 92 along the River in Rock Island County. Water recreation, sports, cruises and historical areas are featured in the county. The historic Rock Island Arsenal and Civil War Confederate Prisoners Cemetery share an island in the river with the Corps of Engineers and Dam Number 15 Visitor Center. The Quad City area is one of the largest metropolitan concentrations on this portion of the Mississippi River.