Directory by Subject

This comprehensive directory was created to assist you in finding the phone number to call in order to obtain the information you need as quickly as possible. View the Directory by Department.

Phone Number
Animal Control
Fees, pet registration tags, pet ownership, hours of operation, reporting a lost pet, stray animals, animal bites, rabies vaccinations for your pet, pet adoptions, microchips, spaying and neutering, veterinary clinic, kennel cough, bordetella vaccine, donations, volunteers, pet care, reporting pets running loose, reporting mistreatment of animals, fostering animals, fleas, reclaiming your pet after it's been picked up as a stray
Animal Control
Bubble Tub Grooming
Assessment Office
Homestead Exemptions, Property Sales Data, Property Valuations (Assessments), and Senior Exemptions
Auditor's Office
1099 Questions
Auditor's Office
Accounts Payable
Auditor's Office
Audit / Budget
Board of Review
Assessment Complaints (Only available at certain times of the year), Charitable, Religious Organization Exemptions
Circuit Clerk's Office
Accounting: I posted bond, when do I get it back? How do I get bond for someone in jail? Charges were dismissed - how soon will bond be refunded to me? Pick up my bond check? How much do I owe on my fine? I can't pay my fine this month, what do I do?  Do I have a warrant? What is the phone number and pay location to pay my fine by credit card? I lost my bond refund check, never received my bond check - what do I do?
Circuit Clerk's Office
Child Support: How do I change my child support due to - loss of job, change of custody, change of income, child is 18, etc.? I haven't received court-ordered child support, why? Where do I get my pay records? Is there a fee? What is the phone number for State Disbursement Unit or for Health and Family Services(fka IL Dept. of Public Aid? I pay child support directly to my ex, how do I get credit for it? I want support taken out of my paycheck, what do I do? Where do I go for DNA testing? I want my ex's tax refund for back child support or my tax refund was taken for back support, who do I talk to?
Circuit Clerk's Office
Criminal Felony Questions: Do I have a warrant? When is my fine due? I can't pay my fine that's due today - what can I do? What time is check-in for time to pay? I couldn't see the Judge (3rd Friday) for my fine - what can I do? When is my court date? I missed my court date / I can't make it for my court date - what can I do? I need to change my court date - what can I do? When will I get my bond money back? Where did my bond money go towards? Why do I have so many fines? How do I get my case expunged? I need a background check. I need copies from a file. What is my case number? Where do I pay my fine? Can I pay my fine online or over the phone? I need to check on a case for a friend, relative, etc.
Circuit Clerk's Office
General Division: When is my court date? Who's the judge on the case? Do I have court today? How do I drop an order of protection? I can't make it to court today - what do I do? How do I continue my case? How much is it to file a case? Civil cases, lawsuits, orders of protection, foreclosures, passports, Court Records Search, Divorce Records
Circuit Clerk's Office
Traffic: Missed court dates for Traffic / misdemeanor / Driving Under the Influence (DUI) cases, When if my fine due? Requesting Court Supervision. Do I have a warrant? 
Coroner's Office
Autopsy Questions / Reports, Death Investigations, Inquests, Medical Examiner
County Board Office
Appointed Positions, Committees, EEOC, Fireworks Permits, Open Meetings Act, Public Building Commission, Ethics Commission
County Clerk's Office
Birth Certificates / Records, Death Certificates / Records, Marriage Licenses / Records, Business Registration, Notary Applications
County Clerk's Office
Liquor Licenses
County Clerk's Office
Back Taxes (Real Estate and Mobile Home)
County Clerk's Office
Voter Registration, Voter Trolley
Court Administrator's Office
Court Administrator
Court Administrator's Office
558-3289 or 558-3259
Judges of the 14th Judicial Circuit
Court Administrator's Office
558-3258 or 558-3260
Court Scheduling
Court Administrator's Office
Jury Coordinator
Court Administrator's Office
Executive Court Secretary, Law Library
Court Administrator's Office
Arbitration Center
Court Services
Adult Probation, Probation Officers
Court Services
Juvenile Probation
Court Services
Public / Community Service
Emergency Management Agency
Disaster Management, Flood Emergency Coordination
GIS Department
Addressing, Mapping, Parcel Maintenance, County Websites
Health Department
Family case management, home visits, high risk pregnancy, high risk infants,high risk mothers, counseling
Health Department
558-2945 or 558-2802
Emergency Preparedness Planning, bioterrorism
Health Department
Environmental Health, restaurant inspections, festival food, fair food, well water testing, septic system, septic inspections, radon, tanning, weeds
Health Department
Health Education, tobacco complaints, smoking complaints, no smoking
Health Department
Health Works Illinois, foster children, foster kids
Health Department
Health Child Care Illinois, nurse consultant, day care nurse
Health Department
Infectious Disease, disease investigation, flu, shots, disease reporting
Health Department
Lead Program, blood lead level
Health Department
732-0958 or 281-2426
School Health LINK, kids' health, physicals, exams, mental health
Health Department
Vision and Hearing
Health Department
Women Infants and Children Program (WIC), All Kids Health Care, insurance, medical card
Health Department
Women Health Services, birth control, pregnancy tests, teen pregnancy, pelvic exam, pap test, pap smear, annual exam, ob-gyn, obstetrics gynecologist
Highway Department
Right-Of-Ways, Entrance Access, County Road Maintenance, Township Road Commissioners, Oversized Loads, Snow Plowing Policies
Human Resources - Employees
558-3609Payroll, Health Insurance, Dental Insurance, Vision Insurance, IMRF / Pension / Retirement General Questions, Direct Payroll Deposit, etc.
Human Resources - Public558-2801
Job Opportunities - Health Department Only
Human Resources - Public
Job Opportunities - Court Services Only
Human Resources - Public
Job Opportunities - All Other County Offices, Rock Island County Employee Verifications, Rock Island County Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Coordinator
Information Systems
Information Technology for Rock Island County
Mental Health Board 708
Mental Health Problems, Mental Health Emergencies, Mental Health Assistance, Mental Health Questions, Substance Abuse Referrals, Developmental Disability Referrals
Public Defender's Office
Attorney appointed by Judge
Recorder's Office (See Recorder's Fees Page for more detailed listing)
Property Records (Deeds, Liens, Mortgages, Releases, etc.), Full Legal Descriptions, Property Ownership Information, Geneology, Property Records Access, Property Fraud Alert
Recorder's Office
Military Records, Recording of Out-Of-State Vital Records
Regional Office of Education
Teacher's Certification, GED, School Districts, Early Childhood Education, Teacher Workshops, State Certification, Bus Driver Classes/Information, Schools, School Superintendents
Sheriff's Office
Emergency (reporting incidents happening now)
Sheriff's Office
Traffic Accident Reports and Tickets
Sheriff's Office
558-3423 or 558-3429
Complaints against Sheriff's Employees
Sheriff's Office
Sheriff Sales
Sheriff's Office
Sheriff's Office
Freedom of Information Questions; Investigations ongoing (other than traffic); Sex Offender Questions
Sheriff's Office
Records Checks
Sheriff's Office
Warrant Checks
Sheriff's Office
Civil Process, Orders of Protection, Evictions and Civil Papers Served
Sheriff's Office
Towed Cars
Sheriff's Office
558-3436 or 558-3455
Jail Questions (i.e., Visitation Hours, Bond Amounts, Person in Custody)
Sheriff's Office
Main Phone Number (Non-Emergency)
State's Attorneys Office
Prosecution, filing criminal charges, getting charges, obtaining charges, victim witness court appearance, court attendance, crime victim, victim compensation, victim notification, victim witness unavailability, nonsufficient fund check, personal check, NSF check, bounced check, eviction, record expungement, expunge, uncompleted home repairs, divorce, child visitation, child custody, Order of Protection, court hearing, court notice.
Treasurer's Office
Current Property Taxes (Real Estate, Mobile Home, Forfeitures, Drainage), Change of Address (Real Estate Tax Bill), Mobile Home Tax Certification for Secretary of State, Tax Distribution, Annual Public Auction of Surplus Real Estate and Mobile Homes (Information and Catalogs), Tax Sale Registration, Senior Citizen Tax Deferral Applications
Veterans' Assistance
Temporary Rental and/or Utility Assistance, Questions on filing for a Service Related Claim, Questions on the Veterans' Affairs (VA) Health Care
Zoning and Building (Unincorporated County Jurisdiction)
Building Permits, Building Codes, Building Inspections, Electrical, Flood Plain Construction and Determinations, Framing,  Parcel Splits, Plumbing, Property Condition Complaints, Stormwater, Subdivisions, Zoning Classes