Juvenile Court Services

The Juvenile Probation Department consists of:

  • Detention Screening
  • Probation Intake
  • Probation Supervision

All juvenile officers are responsible for Detention Screening when a youth is apprehended for a delinquent offense. A decision is then made as to whether an individual should be returned home, placed in emergency foster care, relative care, substance abuse/mental health programs, in-home confinement or secure detention.

Probation Intake receives referrals from local law enforcement, community agencies and parents to determine whether court action is necessary or the juvenile should be diverted to a community agency for services. Should a petition be filed, the intake officer is responsible for the preparation of a Juvenile Social History report. This includes family history, prior record, educational history and involvement with social service agencies. In addition, the report contains resources available to assist the juvenile and his family. This report is submitted to the Court for the disposition hearing.

An immediate and long-term goal for Probation Supervision is to work with the youth and family to decrease the chances of continued delinquent behavior. Preserving the family unit is a primary concern but, in some cases, an out-of-home placement is necessary. In such cases the goal then is to reunite the family, using the time of separation to help strengthen the youth and parents. Areas where officers may assist youth are in meeting educational deficiencies, seeking employment, and obtaining other services such as counseling. Referrals are made to various community agencies. Of utmost importance in case management is working with youth and families to realize they have control over their own lives and to assist them in making appropriate life choices leading to positive consequences.