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Rock Island County Court Services (RICCS) provides a number of services for both adults and juveniles in Rock Island County, Illinois.

RICCS has labored diligently to establish and maintain positive professional relationships with the judiciary, police officers, prosecutors, attorneys, correctional staff and various community support agencies. RICCS also frequently works with probation offices within the State of Illinois and throughout the nation striving to protect the community. RICCS remains committed to making a difference in the life of individuals through human contact and support, innovative programs, technology, and community involvement.

With the protection of the community at the forefront of its philosophy, RICCS also recognizes that society will not be changed effectively until individuals rethink his or her way of living. In the words of Charles Colson, "You fix a broken world, by fixing a broken person." To this end, RICCS is committed to giving offenders the opportunity to change and become productive citizens in the community.

Adult Services

View the Adult Services page for information on:

  • Domestic Batterer's Program
  • DUI Supervision
  • Mental Health Court
  • Pre-Sentence Investigations
  • Pre-Trial Release
  • Probation Intake
  • Probation Supervision

Juvenile Services

View the Juvenile Services page for information on:

  • Detention Screening
  • Probation Intake
  • Probation Supervision  

Juvenile Expungement

Other Court Services