County Roads Directory

The following is a directory of the roads which are under the jurisdiction of Rock Island County. The Rock Island County Highway Department is responsible for the maintenance and repair of these roads.

West Section of Rock Island County

RouteCounty HighwayHighway NameStreet Number
A11Bay Road (New Boston Blacktop)322 Street West
B35Pine Bluff284 - 266 Street West
C66Hazel Dell245 - 252 Street West
D44Joy Blacktop224 Street West
E60, 56Parchart's Road198 to 203 Street West
F54Bull Road175 Street West
G9Coal Creek140 Street West
H19Andalusia South105 - 108 Street West
I43Oak Glen Spur95 Street to 113 Avenue
J10Turkey Hollow Road(South of 92 Avenue West)
K62Ridgewood Road28 Street West (South of 92 Avenue West)
L63Sherrard Road63 Street
Z77Niabi Zoo RoadN/A
JJ16Indian Bluff78 Avenue
KK72Wilmerton106 Avenue
LL55Castle Junction127 Avenue
MM67Beulah Church148 Avenue
NN18Reynolds-Orion176 Avenue
PP14Swedona Spur190 Avenue
RR26Hayden Hill190 Avenue West
RR26County Line183 - 190 Avenue West
SS73Fuhr Road238 Street West
TT59Loud Thunder RoadN/A
N/A78Milan BeltwayN/A
N/A7Knoxville RoadN/A

North Section of Rock Island County

RouteCounty HighwayHighway NameStreet Number
N52Meersman (Ruth Street)158 Street North
P15Wake Road221 Street North
R70Hunt Road228 Street North
S36Wiers Road250 to 256 Street North
S47Zuma-Coe254 Street North
T22Golden's Corner277 Street North
T57Sand Road266 Street North
U49Woodburn Road303 to 317 Street North
U50Spur291 Street North
V1HillsdaleJackson Street
W64River Road307 Street North
X25Joslin Road290 Street North
Y79Hubbard RoadN/A
AA69Stropes Road171 Avenue North
BB22Cordova Blacktop150 to 157 Avenue North
BB48Cordova-Erie150 Avenue North
CC39Hauberg East129 Avenue North
CC61Genung East122 Avenue North
DD46Port Byron East71 Avenue North
EE6Rapids City52 Avenue North
GG4Barstow Road1 Avenue North
HH33Campbells IslandN/A
N/A2Hillsdale-Port Byron94 Avenue North

Highway maps are available at the Rock Island County Highway Department, free of charge.