Veterans Assistance

The Veterans Assistance Commission is made up of delegates and alternates from the American Legion, Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW), and Veterans organizations in Rock Island County. The Veterans Assistance Office is here to help all qualified veterans to the best of their ability.

Rules, Procedures & Eligibility Standards

The Veterans Assistance Program is a financial supportive program designed to assist the eligible veterans of Rock Island County and their families with the basic necessities of rent, utilities, food, and certain medical needs not covered by other governmental, County, State or welfare program.


Applicants for Veterans Assistance shall be residents of Rock Island County and unable to provide food, shelter, and medical care for themselves or their dependents. Applicants must have applied for Public Aid, (AFDC-Food Stamps-medical) and shall not be receiving aid from another welfare agency.


Every person has a right to receive and submit a written application for Veterans Assistance. Further, every person who applies for Veterans Assistance shall be presented with a copy of the. Fill out the Assistance Application (PDF) to apply.


Must have served on active duty in the Armed Forces of the United States and have proof of being Honorably discharged from such service with a DD214. Active duty does not include time in service for basic training or training purposes.

This office is governed by the Illinois State Compiled Statute 305 ILCS 5/6-1.4, par. 6-1.4, which is as follows:

Registration for and Acceptance of Employment. A Person who is able to engage in employment, including dependent members of his family age 16 or over not in regular attendance in school as defined in Section 4-1.1 who is unemployed or employed for less than the full working time for the occupation which he is engaged, must register for and accept bona fide offers of employment, as provided in Section 11-20. The local governmental unit shall determine, pursuant to rules and regulations, sanctions for persons failing to comply with the requirements under this section. In addition to any sanctions provided for in Section 11-20, sanctions may include the loss of eligibility to receive aid under this article for up to 90 days. [Source: P.A. 85-114]


Must live in or at least show intention of being a resident of Rock Island County.


Standards of indigence are applied by the Department of Human Resources in the State of Illinois and the Standards of Indigence set by the Veterans Assistance Commission.

To Qualify

Veteran must have DD214 and a completed application. If married, a marriage certificate and if dependent children are living with applicant, must have birth certificates of veteran's children and/or custody papers. If unable to locate discharge papers, Vet must apply for new one through appropriate offices. Proof of income is also a requirement to qualify.

Must Register at Job Service in Skillsmatch program, landlord verification form and have applied for food stamps and AFDC if applicable. If claiming unable to work, Vet must apply for Social Security, Supplemental Security Income (SSI), VA pension and have a doctor's note describing disability, limitations and/or restrictions.

Veterans' Assistance

Assistance is never given in cash but in kind. Rents are paid directly to the landlord. Disbursing orders for groceries or other necessities are given.

Method of Computation of Need

The actual income of an applicant for Veterans Assistance must be taken into account in determining the applicant's need and the total amount of benefits to which he is entitled. If the amount of the applicant's current or anticipated income is less than the predetermined standards of indigence, the applicant is eligible for participation in this program and the amount of assistance payments will be based on the difference.

The Following Assistance Is Given upon Qualifications

  • Food Orders and Personal Items: Depending on size of family
  • Utilities and Fuel: Utility payments will be made, providing the applicant qualifies in other respects. No deposits or past-due bills will be paid to the utility company.
  • Rent Payments: This Veterans Assistance office does not pay mortgage payments, security deposits, back rents or home-finding fees. Rents shall not be paid to relatives unless it is a separate rental dwelling.
  • Transportation: The Superintendent will provide Transportation for the veteran to the local Veterans Medical Center by the least expensive means when necessary.
  • Aid to Medically Indigent: The Veteran's medical needs should be taken care of at the local Veterans Medical Center and/or the Quad Cities OutPatient Clinic in Bettendorf, IA.
    • Quad City Veterans Outpatient Clinic
      2979 Victoria Street
      Bettendorf, IA 52722
      Phone: 563-332-8528
    • Veterans Affairs Medical Center
      601 Highway 6
      Iowa City, IA
      Phone From Illinois: 800-346-1843
      Phone from Iowa: 319-338-0581


The Veterans Assistance Commission has hospital equipment for temporary loan for free to veterans of Rock Island and Scott County. Items available consist of hospital beds, wheelchairs, portable commodes, walkers, etc.

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