Health Department



Other phone numbers:

  • Family case management, home visits, high-risk pregnancy, high-risk infants, high-risk mothers, counseling: 558-2881
  • Emergency Preparedness Planning, bioterrorism: 558-2945, 558-2802
  • Environmental Health, restaurant inspections, festival food, fair food, well water testing, septic system, septic inspections, radon, tanning, weeds: 558-2841
  • Health Education, tobacco complaints, smoking complaints, no smoking: 558-2950
  • Health Works Illinois, foster children, foster kids: 558-2858
  • Health Child Care Illinois, nurse consultant, day care nurse: 558-2850
  • Infectious Disease, disease investigation, flu, shots, disease reporting: 558-2820
  • Lead Program, blood lead level: 558-2935
  • School Health LINK, kidds health, physicals, exams, mental health: 732-0958, 281-2426
  • Vision and Hearing: 558-2925
  • WIC, Women Infants and Children Program, All Kids Health Care, insurance, medical card: 558-2881
  • Women Health Services, birth control, pregnancy tests, teen pregnancy, pelvic exam, pap test, pap smear, annual exam, ob-gyn, obstetrics gynecologist: 558-2901

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Verástegui, George Administrator 309-793-1955