Auditor's Office

Message From the County Auditor

This Web page is furnished as a public service to provide an understanding of the Office of Rock Island County Auditor. As the elected County Auditor, I hope that this Web page provides each citizen access to information that is both helpful and informative. Accountability and transparency are what the Office of the County Auditor has always provided to the citizens of Rock Island County.

The Auditor is responsible to prepare the Rock Island County's Annual Financial Report at the end of each fiscal year. I assume full responsibility for the completeness and reliability contained in this report. The audit has received an unqualified (clean) opinion in all the years I have been Auditor as well as during the service of the two previous Auditors.

The Auditor's Office has received the Government Finance Officer's Association (GFOA) award known as "The Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting" for its annual financial report for every fiscal year since 2004.

Rock Island County's audits, compliance reports, budgets, and fiscal year-end salary schedule are contained herein as searchable, downloadable, and or printable documents. Additional information is provided in the quarterly reports that are also posted in this Auditor's Report section.

April Palmer
County Auditor