Problem Solving Courts

Rock Island County offers Problem Solving Courts. These courts consist of Drug Court and Mental Health Court. Rock Island's Drug Court began in July of 2000. At that time there were a little over 300 drug courts nationwide. According to the National Drug Court Resource Center, as of June 30, 2014, there are approximately 2,966 drug courts operating within the United States. The Rock Island County Drug Court seeks to reduce recidivism through therapeutic intervention and court supervision to insure Sobriety, Opportunity, Accountability, and Responsibility (S.O.A.R). Drug Courts provide a highly effective alternative to incarceration for individuals whose involvement in the criminal justice system is rooted in serious addiction to drugs and alcohol. By keeping drug-addicted offenders out of jail and in treatment Drug Courts have been proven to reduce drug abuse and crime while saving money.

Rock Island County's Mental Health Court started in May of 2007. The Live It Fully Everyday (LIFE) program is a voluntary one. Of priority are those offenders whose criminality appears to be a consequence of their mental illness. These clients are given supportive services through the Mental Health Court and in the community to assist them in removing the stigma that follows them as a result of their illness, and assist them with re-integrating back into community as responsible, productive, and valuable individuals with something to offer those around them.