How do I obtain Entrance Access to a County Highway?

When a property owner wants to construct an entrance from their property to the County Highway the first step is to contact the Highway Department requesting an entrance permit. You will be required to identify the location with stakes and/or marking paint. A representative from the Highway Department will inspect the site to determine if the necessary sight distance exists on the County Highway and will determine what size of culvert, if any, is needed under the entrance. If the location is acceptable a permit will be mailed along with a typical drawing on how to construct the entrance to the Highway Department specifications. Once the entrance is constructed the permit shall be signed, dated and returned to the Highway Department. A representative will inspect the new entrance to determine if it was built according to the Department specifications, failure to do so will result in the Highway Department rebuilding the driveway, to the specifications, and the cost of doing so will be charged to the owner. There is no fee associated with the driveway access permit.

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