Who can do determinations of floodplain maps?

Remember, a flood determination is just an interpretation of maps provided to us by FEMA. These determinations are purely in/out and do not involve the vertical elevation of the structure. Rock Island County does offer flood determinations, for specific properties, but your lending institution may not except it. This service is available to any resident, lender or insurance agent within unincorporated Rock Island County. This office does determinations for properties located within unincorporated Rock Island County, and the Villages of Andalusia, Hillsdale and Oak Grove. If you have a question about a property within another municipality please contact the appropriate city or village.

We will provide, in writing, a determination based on the FIRM for our community. These letters do not imply that the referenced property will or will not be free from flooding or damage. A property not in a Special Flood Hazard Area may be damaged by a flood greater than predicted on the FIRM or from a local drainage problem not shown on the map. Even with one of these determination letters, your financial institution may still require you to carry flood insurance.

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