Why Do I Need A Permit?

Building permits are important in protecting your safety and the safety of those around you. Rock Island County requires permits to ensure that construction is being done properly and in accordance with all life safety requirements and all building codes. Also, the permit process provides you with protection. It ensures that you or your contractor, comply with the codes adopted by the County Board. The permit process also gives you access to qualified inspectors who can provide knowledge and guidance throughout your construction project. Rock Island County is also graded by an independent company that looks at what codes we have adopted and the process for how they are enforced. This review can have an effect on your homeowner's insurance. Failing to obtain the proper permits may complicate or cancel the sale of your home. During the home inspection or appraisal process, homeowners may have to show that the proper permits are on file. If the lending bank learns that remodeling work was done without securing permits, it may likely not qualify for the loan.

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1. Why Do I Need A Permit?
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