Do I still need to report?

Jurors are instructed to call a recorded message for instructions prior to reporting. This message is updated prior to the report date to assure that jurors do not report unnecessarily. This procedure has consistently resulted in savings to the county, as well as in eliminating unnecessary inconvenience for the juror.

Please call 309-786-0003 or 309-786-0039 the night before (after 5 pm) you are to report even if this is a Sunday or holiday. A recorded message will tell you whether you still need to report. The message will refer to a range of juror numbers, so please have your summons in hand when calling. Persons using a rotary telephone must call between 8 am to 4:30 pm Monday through Friday.

Unless otherwise notified, please report to jury duty as directed by your printed summons. Please arrive on time.

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